Microbrewery Automation

Karith Solutions offer the small to medium craft brewers a basic and cost effective semi-automated filling line with minimum operator intervention required. Simply load the bottles or cans on one end and watch them be labelled, rinsed and presented to the filler. If your brewery already has the filler then no problem, we can accommodate most filler’s with minimum changes to our standard system. If you have existing machinery that you would like included in to a new system just let us know.

Other add-on automated items to consider with a new system could include depalletisers, drying sections and semi-auto case tapers as well as mobile packing tables and storage racking, all available from Karith Solutions. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


The simplest and easiest solution to conveying your bottles. 

Our standard supply system is designed to handle up to 85mm diameter bottles. The system is supplied in stainless steel as standard allowing for cleaning of the parts. The conveyors are fitted with ‘ultra-low friction’ slat chain and all stops and clamps are pneumatically actuated.  The system is controlled from one central HMI touch screen on the system. This screen shows the systems health status and in the event a problem, will guide to you to the area and hint at the problem to reduce down time. The system controls itself and the flow of bottles as demand changes so that the operators are freed up to complete other tasks. Please contact Karith Solutions to discuss our systems further and available optional features including remote and secure connectivity to your system for diagnostics and fault finding assistance.

Sales and design 3D render
Installed system


The best way to avoid damaging your cans and handling them quickly.

Whilst the canning of craft beer is relatively new and we are still developing a ‘standard supply’ system we have various useful machinery designs available including de-palletisers, water, air and ionized can rinser, integrated labelling machines and drying sections . We can accommodate most can fillers with minimum changes to our system including the metering of the cans into the filler. If you have other existing machinery that you would like included in to a new system just let us know. Please contact Karith Solutions to discuss your requirements further.