Conveyor Handling

Flex-Chain Conveyors

The flex-chain can be used in many types of industry. The acetal co-polymer chains run on high density polyethylene slide rails inside an anodised aluminium alloy extruded conveyor beam. It is capable of making sharp radius bends in either the horizontal or vertical plains with very low friction and low noise. The system is ideal for manufacturers and assemblers where floor space is a major constraint.

Belt Conveyors

Karith Solutions have developed a wide range of modular construction conveyors with synthetic belts. Key concepts include quick and simple to construct thanks to the modular design, high performance and safe and low noise level. The aluminium conveyor belt with a synthetic belt is made from standard parts with a choice of different drive units, aluminium profile (with a T-slot on the side for installing side rails), top plates, optional guide rails, feet and a wide variety of synthetic belts. Options also include stainless steel constructed units.

Roller Conveyors

Karith Solutions can supply a comprehensive range of roller conveyors and associated handling equipment. These systems can be specifically engineered to suit your handling requirements or chosen from the standard range. Please contact us for further details.

Modular Belt Conveyors

Karith Solutions have developed a range of modular Matt Top chain conveyors. Key features include simple to construct modular design, low friction, high performance, safe and low noise level. Transporting all types of products horizontally, up inclines and around corners Matt Top conveyors are the answer. The Matt Top conveyor has an open belt consisting of elements which move independently of each other. This means that they are easy to keep clean even with raw meat or wet products.